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Heather Morris of Glee, a look to copy for the summer

Anna Bardazzi - vendredi 25 juillet 2014 at 18h16 

Glee is not just Lea Michele. There are also other characters who make the audience go crazy in the series. Among these, the figure certainly Heather Morris, who plays the blonde a bit ‘dizzy but big-hearted Brittany S. Pierce. Given the show a true icon of style (whatever that sports becomes a trend!), Even in real life Heather is a fashionista attentive to fashion and always impeccable. Today we want to take a cue from her to recommend a suitable look at blondes.

Chioma blonde and liscissima

For sun-kissed hair does not take much. Simply use a whitening gel to enlighten them and make them clearer. A knob of Sunkiss and a blow dryer every three days will be sufficient to achieve the look you want. As to the crease, always remember to use a spray that protect from the heat and a lacquer that helps to keep liscissimi.

Make up light and fresh

If you are lucky enough to have perfect skin as Heather and heavy makeup is not for you, then you are in the right place. A thin layer of BB Cream on the face, a bit of eyeliner (but from the middle of the eye) and mascara, and finally a bright pink gloss, and you’re done.

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